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Luo Haocai
Born in March 1934. Prof. Luo graduated from Law School, Peking University. He is the President of School of Government, Peking University and Honorary Director of Peking University Soft Law Research Center. He is also Director of China-Republic of Korea Friendship Association and Deputy-director of China Association for International Exchange. President Luo held the positions of Chairman of the Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party, Standing Member of the National Committee of the 8th CPPCC, Vice-chairman of the National Committee of th...
China's Consultation Mechanisms during Social Transition
I am happy to attend this symposium at the invitation of the Tokyo Consortium. China and Japan are close neighbors, separated only by a narrow strip of sea. Exchanges have been frequent between the Chinese and Japanese
The Chinese Model of Human Rights Protection
I am very delighted to be here at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, a prestigious and privileged university in this beautiful country of Belgium, to discuss the issue of human rights protectionwith you today.
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China Society For Human Rights Studies
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