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China Human Rights Net > News > Focus > Health Care Reform Guidelines Unveiled in China 2009 > Message
Maternity healthcare coverage in rural China to exceed 80% by 2010

BEIJING, April 13, 2009 -- The coverage of maternity healthcare services in urban and rural China will exceed 90 percent and 80 percent respectively by 2010, said the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010) released Monday by the State Council's Information Office.

Information and education on family planning and reproductive health will be provided for women, who enjoy equal rights in family planning with men, the plan said.

Information on contraception and reproductive health services will be provided for women to choose, according to their individual conditions, safe, effective and appropriate contraception methods, it said.

The plan said the dissemination rate of knowledge on reproductive health and family planning for women of childbearing age will reach 80 percent.

In rural areas, the rate of women giving birth in hospitals will reach 90 percent. In remote areas where hospitalization for lying-in women is hard to achieve, the utilization rate of new delivery methods will reach 95 percent. Complications caused by birth control surgery should be controlled under one per thousand, it said.

The plan said the coverage of maternity insurance for urban female employees will reach 90 percent. The membership and legal rights of women in rural collective economic organizations will be guaranteed, and local practices against related laws or regulations must be corrected to ensure that women enjoy equal land rights and other property rights with men.

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