China's sustainable political system

Mar. 4, 2011 -- The basic framework of China's political system came into being with the founding of New China in 1949. The system places the Communist Party of China as the ruling party and gives eight other parties the role of supervision. It has gone through over sixty years of development. Zhang Nini interviewed one CPPCC member, who is also affiliated with the China Democratic League, to find out his view on how the system has improved. Their first encounter was during war-torn years. And since then, the relationship between the Communist Party of China and the democratic parties has strengthened into friendship over the common fight for peace and prosperity. As it was vividly brought to life in the film "The Founding of a Republic", the relationship weathered war fires and eventually formed the system on which China now operates. Most of the older generation have retired from the political stage, shifting responsibility to the youth. CPPCC member Kang Yaohong joined the China Democratic League in 1999. He has a doctoral degree in electronics, and brought several proposals on food safety and pre-school education to this year's meeting. He believes that the multiparty cooperation system is the logical choice for modern China, but points out that the younger members may face new challenges. Kang Yaohong, Member of China Democratic League, said, ...

NPC deputies and CPPCC members
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