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  • Tibet, as the important shelter of national security and ecological protection, has a total area of over 1.22million square kilometers and an average elevation of 4,000 meters. With a population of 2.93 million, it is composed of six prefectures, one city and 74 counties (county-level cities and districts). In the yearof 2010, the regional GDP, local fiscal revenue and the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen reached 50.746 billion, 4.211 billion and 4,138.7 RMB respectively. The Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Central Government have been attaching great importance to the development of Tibet, committing tremendous manpower, materials and financial resources to support its social and economic development, arranging 17 provinces and municipalities directly under the leadership of the Central Government and 17 state-owned enterprises to aid Tibet.

Solicitude from the Central Government; Provision of unit-unit Aid

Poverty Alleviation and Development, Glorious Achievements

The Whole Town Advancement

Comfortable Housing Project

Industrialization Support

Infrastructure Consolidation

Special Support

Renovation of the Chain Bridge

Concerted Efforts to Alleviate Poverty

Innovation for a better Future

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