Stamps are closely linked with a country's history and culture, although small-sized, it can reflect the spirit of a country and its main features. Only one inch stamp can also display the big world and be loaded with historical atmosphere. The year 2011 is the 90th anniversary of birth of the Communist Party of China. In the past 90 years, China has undergone enormous changes. When the Chinese Communist Party was founded in Shanghai 90 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party has only more than fifty members. Today it has more than 77 million members, becoming the world's largest political party. Every twenty people in China, there is a party member. The Communist Party of China can be said to have a profound impact on each Chinese. If hoping to deeply understand the contemporary China, the Chinese Communist Party is ranked the first you should know. Therefore, we carefully selected dozens of Chinese stamps which captured the most typical historical moments and truly reproduces the founding, growth and development of the Chinese Communist Party. From these stamps, you can feel the solid steps that china has taken to pursue the prosperity of the country. Now, please follow these stamps to approach and understand China.

The Birth of CPC
Founding of the New China
Reform and Opening up