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Jiang Zhujun

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Jiang Zhujun(1920-1949), more famously known as Sister Jiang, is a household name in China. She joined the Communist Party of China in 1939. In 1944, she was chosen to study at Sichuan University, engaging in Party work secretly. As required by the Party, she and Peng Yongwu acted as "couple"; and their "family" became a study center for underground party members. In 1945, Jiang and Peng really got married. Comrades called her Sister Jiang to show respect.

From the end of 1946 to early 1947, Jiang participated and led the Chongqing students' Anti-riot Movement and did much work at the newspaper of the Municipal Party Committee. In 1947, Jiang went to Xiachuan with Peng, who was ordered to carry out struggles there. In 1948, Peng died in an armed riot. Bearing the pain, Jiang took up her husband's position and said that "she will continue fighting at the place where he died".

On June 14, 1948, Sister Jiang was captured in Wanxian and put into Zhazidong Concentration Camp in Chongqing. She endured all types of tortures, such as the tiger bench, the sling, beatings with a steel whip with thorns, electrocution, and having bamboo sticks placed under her ten finger nails. The Kuomintang wanted to find where their underground organization was located from Jiang; but faced with these brutal tortures, Sister Jiang never yielded. "You can cut off my hand, knock off my head, but I won't tell anything," Jiang said, "Tortures are too small tasks for the Communists. Bamboo sticks are made of bamboo, but the will of the Communists is made of iron and steel!" On November 14, 1949, on the eve of Chongqing's liberation, Sister Jiang was killed at Geleshan, sacrificing her 29-year-old young life for the Communist ideal.