Party members detail how CPC operates at grassroots level

Eight members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Tuesday shared their working experiences and told how the party operates at the country's grassroots level. Sitting on stage, a judge who handles intellectual property rights lawsuits, a space scientist, a renowned doctor, a Tibetan mountaineer, a senior electric technician, two village cadres in ethnic minority areas and a head of a private company answered media questions on their roles as CPC members, which has an 80-million strong membership. "As an ethnic Hui party cadre working at the grassroots level, it is my duty to lead the village on its way to prosperity," Xi Xiaolin replied to a foreign reporter's question on grassroots party organizations' role in promoting ethnic unity. Xi, a 33-year-old village party chief in northwest Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, said her belief in the CPC stands firmly and will never change. CPC members of her age account for more than a half in the village, she said. Eric Baculinao, Beijing Bureau Chief of NBC News Worldwide, said these grassroots party members' work is important to show whether China is successful in maintaining ethnic unity. Baculinao said he has been trying to see if an "ideological crisis" in China exists, as he's heard some Westerners say that "young Chinese do not believe in Marxism." "If that is the case, I wonder how the CPC is able...

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