Education for All Children

The Ministry of Education has once again stated it forbids schools, including kindergartens, from charging extra fees. The ministry should count how many times it has publicized a statement on this issue, even though this time it was joined by six other central government departments. More importantly, it should ponder why its words don't count. Similar announcements have been heard in recent years. Last year the ministry even issued a timetable of measures aimed at bringing the situation under control in five years. But they have proved quite ineffectual. It is an open secret that schools with better resources, including pre-school institutions, charge large sums of money. Beijing, where the ministry sits, is a very bad example for the rest of the country. It has the country's best schools and rich families are asked to pay dearly to ensure their children can be enrolled in these schools, which turns the announcements into a joke and puts the ministry's credibility at stake. It is not words but deeds that count. The ministry should take concrete measures to stop elite schools making parents their money-spinners. Under China's Compulsory Education Law, these schools are not allowed to collect extra money as the government supports them financially. All children are supposed to share the educational resources. Schools should enroll students based o...

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