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Pension level of China is still not high enough

From : Xinhua

BEIJING, Mar. 20, 2011 -- Human Resources and Social Security Yin Weimin, Minister in the 20 at the China Development Forum 2011 conference that the pension level in the coming period will continue for the , continuously improved,

Yin Weimin said, raising the level of pensions and the economic and social development to adapt to the situation; In addition, we must adapt and ability to pay. With China¡¯s economic and social development, the level of pension will continue for some time in the future, and constantly improved, so that the majority of retirees to enjoy a better standard of living.

He said that China¡¯s pension level is still not high enough, so far, enterprise workers per retiree premiums monthly level of 1,400 yuan. However, in the ¡°Eleventh Five-Year¡± period, the per capita level of pension has been doubled.

Yin Weimin said the rapid development of population aging in China are now facing a very big issue, but also a common issue facing the world. To the end of last year, China has been over the age of 60 to nearly 170 million, accounting for 12.8% of the population; and the aging of China¡¯s urban-rural dual structure, they are in a situation, the level of development in the whole situation is not too high , the face of the aging problem.

he said, the problem of aging populations need a wide range of measures in aging career development plan, the investment should be diversified, both government support, but also rely on the support of social capital, aging business, industrial development and has good prospects.