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Lhasa extends pension insurance premium paying period

From : Xinhua

A herder from Jiru Village, Gampa County, southeastern Tibet's Xigaze Prefecture, counts the money paid by the Tibet Branch of the People's Insurance Company (Group) of China, on July 4, 2009. (Xinhua Photo)

The Labor and Social Security Bureau of Lhasa has extended the paying period of the 2009 pension insurance premium and customers can pay before the year end.

Tibet plans to enlarge the pension insurance program to also cover the non-public sectors, said Phur Tshe, director of the Bureau.

So far, more than 3,000 individuals have been covered by the pension insurance. Anyone who is employed or being self-employed in Lhasa can buy the insurance.

The method of calculating the insurance benefit is based on how long and how much the customers have paid the insurance. The longer and the more they have paid, the more insurance benefit they will receive.