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The exhibition still popular among visitors

from:China Tibet Information Center

April 24, 2009 -- A photo exhibition titled "50th Anniversary of Democratic Reform in Tibet Exhibition", which was expected to close on April 10, but prolonged 20 days to meet audiences' demand, is still popular among visitors as currently over 10,000 audiences pay a visit to the exhibition every day.

Wang Cheng, a teacher from Minzu University of China came to the exhibit just after heard about this exhibition from his students. Wang's father has worked in Tibet for eight years since 1958 and has experienced the Democratic Reform in Tibet. "Tibet is really a special place and it is delightful that Tibetan society has embraced rapid development in last 50 years," Wang said.

There are many other audiences like Wang Cheng whose family members have visited Tibet and there are also many visitors who are young students who have never gone to Tibet. Students from Japanese Language Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University come to the exhibit together. A student in Grade 2008 said:" We have tow Tibetan roommates and we live a happy life together with them. Give our best wishes to all the Tibetan people."

A staff worker of the exhibition introduced that visitors come here in an endless stream. At about 4:00 pm when the exhibit hall is to be have a rest, there are still so many audiences unwilling to leave.

Li Jihao, a pupil from Beijing No. 2 Experimental School comes to the exhibition with his grandpa. "We want him to learn about the history and get some education," according to Li's grandpa.

Opened at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing on February 24, the exhibition marks China's first large exhibit with a topic of Tibet's Democratic Reform. Till now, the exhibit has received over 240,000 visitors including China's top political leaders, foreign embassy staff in China, foreign journalists in China and common locals with more than 4,000 pieces of messages left by the visitors.


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