China of Tibetan women greatly improved
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Lives of Tibetan women greatly improved




A former Tibetan Women's Federation official says the social status of Tibetan women has greatly improved over the last fifty years.


At an exhibition detailing the past half century of Tibet, Su Zhuqing, the former vice director of the Women's Federation of the Tibet Autonomous Region has been speaking to visitors. She says Tibetan women led difficult lives before the democratic reforms 50 years ago. Infant mortality was high due to poor living conditions and a lack of medical knowledge. But Su says more and more Tibetan women now receive education and enjoy basic medical services.


Su Zhuqing, Former Vice Director of Women's Federation of Tibet said "Before the democratic reforms, Tibetan women led lives just like animals. They gave birth to babies in a sheep pen, or on wild land. They were slaves. But now they are masters."


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