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The first Women' s Day celebration


The first Women' s Day celebration was held in Guangzhou on March 8, 1924. More than three thousand people participated in this inaugural celebration, which called for gender equality in wages, educational opportunities, and the law, as well as the elimination of concubines, prostitution, child brides, and girl bondservants. During the next few years the slogans became more radical and included calls to end the arranged marriage system, permit divorce, and oppose capitalist exploitation of women. The size of the gatherings grew substantially over time as well; by 1926 the numbers of people attending the March 8 festivities in Guangzhou expanded to more than ten thousand; by 1927 they were estimated around twenty-five thousand. For those city dwellers unable to attend the rallies, the significance of this occasion was impressed upon them through articles in the press and the circulation of pamphlets on buses and in the streets.


·The first Women' s Day celebration

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