The Roadmap of the 18th CPC National Congress and The Chinese Dream
  • Author:Huang Huaguang Luan Jianzhang
  • ISBN:9787119086477
  • Press:Foreign languages press
  • Page:369
  • Publication date:2013
  • Price:78.00


The 18th National Congress of the Communst Party of China, convened in November 2012, was another landmark event in Chinese history since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC National Congress in 1978, when China started reform and opening-up for its social advancement and economic development.

This book intends to introduce the latest CPC national congress and the roadmap it outlined for China's future development, and provides theoretical and incisive interpretation of the roadmap and profound elaboration of the Chinese Dream.

Designed in a Q-A format, the book attempts to answer questions posed by the international community and domestic and foreign readers in 12 chapters by 60 questions,supplemented by examples and figures based on authoritative research.

Anyone who is interested in current Chinese affairs will find the book a useful reference as well as a tool to explore the many major issues concerning China
Brief Introdution of the Author
Huang Huaguang, born in August 1956, received a Master's degree in international politics. He studied in the department of political science of University of Florence in Italy; in 1981 he started to work in the bureau for western European affairs of the International Department of the CPC Center Committe. He was also first secretary of the Chinese embassy in Italy, and deputy secretary of the CPC Tangshan and Fengnan municipal committes of Hebei Province. Since 2011, he is director-general of the research office of the CPC International Department. He has conducted in-depth studies of global and European affairs, political parties and politics, translated The History of Democracy in Europe and The History of Politics and Idology in Europe, and organized the compilation of The CPC's 90 Years of External Exchange and many other books.

Luan Jianzhang, born in February 1971, graduated from the school of international studies of Renmin University of China with a degree of Doctor of Law, and is an adjunct professor of the Chinese and foreign strategic dialogue research center of Shandong University. He worked successively with the Ministry of Foreign affairs office of the CPC Center Committee. He is now deputy director-general of the research office of the CPC International Department, engaged in research on international relations and China's foreign strategies. His publications include the compilation of National Geography-A History Investigation from the Geographic Territory to the Cultural Territiry, Global Hot Issues in the Eyes of Chinese Diplomats, and "Scientific Outlook on Development and China's Foreign Work in the New Situation."
Where Will the CPC Go Following Its 18th CPC
National Congress?
Chapter 1 Does the CPC Still Believe in Communism?

Why does the CPC hold high the banner
of som with Chinese characteristics?
Is som with Chinese characteristics
still true som?
What is the difference between som
with Chinese characteristics and
democratic som?
Why are the guiding thoughts
of the CPC constantly adjusted?
Chapter 2 Who Will Accomplish the Mission of the CPC?
How does the CPC admit new Party members?
How does the CPC select and appoint cadres?
How are the top CPC leaders elected?
What is the policy of personnel management
that the CPC pursues?
Chapter 3 What If Dissenting Voices Arise Inside the CPC?
What is the organizational principle
of the CPC?
How does the CPC develop intra-Party
Why does the CPC constantly strengthen
its discipline?
How does the CPC exercise its leadership?
Chapter 4 Where Does the CPC's Advanced Nature
Come From?

Once advanced, always advanced?
What factors does the CPC depend
on to maintain its advanced nature?
Can the CPC check corruption?
Where Will China Go After the 18th CPC
National Congress?
Chapter 5 Will Chinas Economy Continue to Grow?

Why can Chinas economy maintain
rapid long-term growth?
Does Chinas economy still have potential
to grow?
How will China update its economy?
Chapter 6 Where Will China Go in Reforming
Its Political Structure?

What is "Chinese-style democracy"?
Why does China not adopt the multi-
party system?
Why does China not apply the separation
of powers?
Is law-based governance compatible with
the Party's leadership?
Is elective democracy the only legitimate form?
How do the Chinese people participate in
and deliberate on state affairs?
Chapter 7 How Should Its People Build China into
a Cultural Power?

What kind of a cultural power does China
want to become?
Will an emphasis on core values affect
cultural diversity?
Can cultural freedom and cultural
responsibility be unified?
Will China engage in "exporting its culture"?
Chapter 8 Can China Really Build a Harmonious Society?
What kind of changes have occurred
in Chinese society?
What is the CPC's philosophy for social
How does the Communist Party of China
resolve the issue of employment?
What kind of social insurance system
is China to build?
Will China really take action to change
the current structure of interests?
Chapter 9 How Can We Make China Beautiful?
Focusing on ecological progress:
no alternative or strategic choice?
Building a beautiful China: lip service,
or a real commitment?
Fighting climate change: good faith or fake?
How Should Chinas Relationship with the Rest
of the World Progress After the 18th CPC
National Congress?
Chapter 10 How Should China Advance on Its Road
of Peaceful Development?

Will China genuinely take the road of
peaceful development?
Will China continue its commitment to
a non-aggressive national defense policy?
Does Chinas peaceful development have
a "bottom line principle"?
Chapter 11 Can China Really Achieve Win-Win Results
with Other Countries?

Has China slowed down the pace of opening
up to the outside world?
What is Chinas view of trade liberalization?
What would happen in the case of trade
friction with other countries?
Why does China attach no conditions to
its foreign aid?
Is China engaging in neo-colonialism
in Africa?
Chapter 12 What Role Will China Play as a New Power?
Will China adjust its policies of
"non-interference" and "non-alignment"?
Will all-out confrontation occur between
China and the USA?
Does China intend to "keep friendly
relations with distant states and attack
its neighbors"?
Will China continue to speak for developing
What kind of international order does
China advocate?


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