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May 6,2014

Two research institutes have released China's first National Security Blue Book.

The China National Security Research Report says, among other things, that terrorism here in China is taking on new characteristics.

May 8,2014

China on Friday welcomed the evaluation and suggestions by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on implementing the international rights covenant.

The UN committee concluded a review of China's second report on implementing the covenant on Thursday. Chinese ambassador to the United Nations office in Geneva Wu Hailong took part in the deliberation.

May 9,2014

Preferential policies will be granted to encourage college graduates to work at grassroots or start businesses in a move to boost employment, the State Council, China's cabinet, announced on Tuesday.

Graduates that decide to work at grassroots will be provided with tuition compensation or a reduction in their student loan, the State Council said in a statement.

Small-sum guaranteed loans or subsidies will be given to new graduates to open online shops, it said. Small and micro businesses in technology will benefit from similar policies once they recruit a certain amount of college graduates.[page]

May 14,2014

The State Council, China's cabinet, said on Wednesday that it has approved the establishment of an inter-ministry joint conference mechanism to coordinate income distribution reform.

The mechanism, led by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the top economic planning body, includes the ministries of education, science and technology, public security, civil affairs, finance, human resources and social security, according to a statement on the website of the central government.

May 16,2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday sent his respects to the nation's disabled people and called for greater efforts to improve their lives.

Xi made the remarks when meeting 165 disabled people who were honored as national role models for their self-reliance at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

China has about 85 million disabled people, accounting for nearly 6.3 percent of the total population.

Xi said the living conditions of disabled people have drastically improved since the country's reform and opening up drive and with the support of the entire nation.

May 17,2014

The seminar with the theme of "Chinese dream and the human rights in China" was held by the China Society for Human Rights Studies in Jinan. nearly 50 experts and scholars from universities and the institution for Human Rights Studies had a heated discussion on the contents of human rights against the background of realization of Chinese dream.The Vice chairman of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,the president of China Society for Human Rights Studies Luo Haocai,the deputy director of the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China Cui Yuying attended and addressed the meeting.[page]

May 19--20,2014

From 19 to 20 ,May 2014 , the special representative of the Ministry of foreign affairs of China of human rights affairs Liu hua and the director of the Asia and Pacific Division of the Ministry of foreign affairs of British Li feng co-chaired the 21st Human Rights Dialogue in London. During the conference, they met with the Permanent Under-Secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs of British Fred. Both countries dispatched delegates from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Ethnic Affairs, Religious Affairs, Women's Affairs and the Persons with Disabilities to attend the meeting.

May 22,2014

A market attack in Urumqi that left at least 31 dead and 94 injured Thursday morning was terrorist violence, according to authorities.

Two vehicles, without license plates, broke through roadside fences and plowed into people at an open air market at Park North Street near Renmin Park at 7:50 a.m. and explosive devices were set off, said a statement issued by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region's publicity department.

May 25,2014

The country has launched a one-year nationwide campaign against terrorism after a series of violent and deadly attacks by radicals and religious extremists.Yang Huanning, executive vice-minister of public security, said the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region would be the main battlefield.

May 26,2014

The Chinese government on Monday released a white paper detailing the progress made in human rights in 2013, highlighting enhanced social fairness, justice and freedom of speech.[page]

May 28--29,2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for "nets spread from the earth to the sky" to defend against terrorist acts in Xinjiang, stressing long-term stability as the main goal for the region.

Xi made the remarks at the second central work conference on northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a two-day meeting which closed on Thursday.

While urging strengthened precautions and international anti-terrorism cooperation, Xi called for "walls made of copper and steel" and "nets spread from the earth to the sky" to capture terrorists.

May 28,2014

The State Council, China's cabinet, on Tuesday issued a regulation on assessing local governments' performance in implementing a government action plan on air pollution control.[page]

May 29,2014

The Chinese State Council, the country's cabinet, has issued a guideline to boost healthcare reforms this year.

The guideline, announced in a government statement on Wednesday, puts forward 31 tasks in six fields to deepen the reforms.

Those in public hospitals will be stepped up through adjusting prices of medical services, improving medicine purchasing in county-level hospitals and finetuning policies and mechanisms for traditional Chinese medicines, the statement said.

According to the statement, 700 more counties will start trial reforms of their public hospitals in 2014. This means the trial reform will affect half of the country's counties and about 500 million people in rural areas.

May 30,2014

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for fostering socialist values among children while sending greetings ahead of Saturday's International Children's Day.

Xi visited a primary school in Haidian district in northern Beijing on Friday morning, attending school activities and meeting students, their parents and teachers.[page]

May 30,2014

Chinese authorities must improve education, social aid and protection for minors, Premier Li Keqiang urged on Friday, two days ahead of International Children's Day.

Li made the remarks during a tour of a children's hospital in Beijing, where he visited disabled orphans receiving treatment.

The premier said such orphans are among the people in greatest need of help, and called on doctors and nurses to do a better job in curing their physical as well as psychological pains.

Noting that a special program had provided medical treatment and rehabilitation training to more than 80,000 disabled orphans, Li said authorities must step up investment in the scheme to allow more kids, especially those from the countryside and less developed regions, to benefit from it.


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