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Aug.1, 2014

Gas leak explosion that happened in Gaoxiong, Taiwan caused heavy casualties. After the accident, president Xi was extremely concerned and requested Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC to convey his deep condolences to the victims and express his sincere comforts to bereaved family and the injured in the accident.

Aug.2, 2014

At 7:37, explosion happened at a Hub buffing workshop of Zhongrong Metal Production Co., Ltd in Development Zone of Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. After the accident, CPC Central Committee and the State Council were deeply concerned. President Xi made important statement to request Jiangsu Province and its related departments to commit to rescue and save the injured and comfort the bereaved family, find out the cause of the accident and the people who need to take responsibility, remember the sad lessons, the system of secure producing, take pains to eliminate all the possibilities of explosion to ensure the safety of people and properties.

Aug.3, 2014

A 6.5-magnitude earthquake at a depth of 12 kilometers jolted Ludian County (N 27.1, E 103.3) of Zhaotong City in Yunnan at 16:30. After the quake, president Xi was deeply concerned and made important instructions of putting saving people’s life at first place, endeavoring to decrease the number of casualties, and well managing the resettlement of people. Moreover, the related departments need to pay more attention to the quake, organize people to safe place in time and commit to earthquake relief, strengthen the forecast of aftershocks and prohibit the happening of the secondary disaster.[page]

Aug.5, 2014

China Society for Human Rights complied and published Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013 (blue papers), which is the fourth blue papers on development of China’s human rights affairs published by China Society for Human Rights. It analyzed the humanitarian definition of Chinese dreams and explained the significance of the third plenary session of the 18th Central Committee to develop China’s human rights affairs. It conclude the overall features of Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013 and declared that the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government, based on China's prevailing conditions and reality, and aiming at promoting social fairness, justice and the people's well-being, comprehensively deepened the reform, promoted various undertakings in the economic, social and cultural fields, and safeguarded the people's rights to equal participation and development, so that the fruits of development would benefit the people in a better and more equal way. The part of special report discussed the situations of human rights protection such as anti-corruption, democratic construction of socialist consultancy, reform of labor education system, community’s rectification, public welfare lawsuit, left-behind children in villages, and construction of ecological civilization. Besides, combing the ten years’ changes after human rights written into constitution, it combed the works on human rights published in China’s mainland from 2003 to 2013 and wrote the search report.

Aug.7, 2014

The Ministry of Education published Administrative Standard of Schools for Compulsory Education, started the works of experimented zones, clarified six batches of administrative responsibilities, requested the equality of dealing with students and promoted the comprehensive development of students.

Aug.11, 2014

The Ministry of Finance released that the Central Budge increased the special fund of 500 million to 16.2 billion, with an increase of 3.2% compared to 2013 to ensure the nutrition improvement plan for compulsory education’s students in rural areas.[page]

Aug.12, 2014

Co-held by the State Council Information Office and Tibet Autonomous Region, China Tibetan Development Forum opened at Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. Yu Zhengsheng, president of CPPCC and a member of Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau sent a congratulatory letter to the forum which was read on the opening ceremony. Sang Jiangcun, president of Tibet Autonomous Region and Cui Yuying deputy of director of the State Council Information Office delivered speeches separately. Main theme of the forum is “Chances and Choices of Tibetan Development”. Besides, there are three sub-themes of the 1.5 days’ forum: Tibetan Substantial Development Road, Passing and Protection of Tibetan culture, and protection of Tibetan Ecology and Environment. After the forum, representatives present at home and abroad visited Lhasa and Nyingchi to better know the changes of Tibet and real Tibetan.

Aug.20, 2014

Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a conference to listen to the report of Earthquake Relief Command of the State Council on earthquake relief work and arrange further earthquake relief work and after quake reconstruction work. General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Aug.20, 2014

Supreme People’s Court released the law describing four situations of work injury during the commute. According the law, workers are injured when they are on the way to or back from work place, the place of wife or husband, daughter or son, and parents. Those four situations is allowed to be work injury.[page]

Aug, 21, 2014

The State Council released Opinions on promoting the reform and development of tourism, and encouraged the workers to well arrange paid annual holidays based on their own needs and situations. Opinions clarified to implement the system of paid annual holidays, strengthen legal holiday theories of the whole society, and involve the system of paid annual holidays into government agenda. As

Aug.24, 2014

National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China released the Plan on Promoting countryside’s Poverty Alleviation on Health and Family Planning, which pointed out that till 2005, service internet was built up in county, town, and village in poor areas, the abilities of hospital at county level was improved greatly, and each town had a government health center, and each village had a clinic.

Aug.31, 2014

The tenth plenary session of the twelfth National People’s Congress was close in Beijing Central Hall of the people. The conference approved the decision on revising five laws including the Budget Law, Production Safety Law, and the Insurance Law. President Xi signed and released the document NO.12, NO.13 and NO.14.


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