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General secretary of CPC central committee, Chinese president also president of the Military Commission of CPC central committee Xi Jinping stressed on his inspection to Fujian its importance to comprehensively uphold the spirits of the Party's 18th national congress and the Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, coordinately promote building a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepen reform and promote the process of rule of law, cultivate development motivation, stimulate the vitality of society, gather the unity of society, give full play in advantage and potential, keep up favorable tendency of economic and social development,  continuously make new achievements and realize new breakthrough.


The eleventh session of the twelfth NPC Standing Committee adopted the decision of modifying Administrative Procedural Law, which was released by the fifteenth president order signed by Chinese president Xi Jinping. The meeting reviewed and adopted the decision of setting National Constitution day which was designated as December 4th . Multiple activities of constitution education and propaganda will be opened.


National Development and Reform Commission released the full story of National plan on handling with climate changes, which is the first contingent plan of our nation on climate. According to the plan, we will comprehensively complete the goal of controlling the emission of greenhouse gas and make obvious progress in low carbon pilot demonstration.


Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hong Lei said on regular press conference when it comes to human rights, we always maintain that we should carry out dialogue and cooperation in this regard based on mutual respect. We oppose using sanctions at every turn in international affairs.


China trail procedure open web set by the Supreme people's court was officially put into operation on which trial procedures and progress of local courts in twenty provinces(district and city) including Beijing, Zhejiang and Chongqing can be checked.[page]


Nearly 50 domestic experts and scholars gathered in Suzhou, having a discussion "China under the rule of law China and human rights". President of China Society for Human Rights Studies Luo Haocai delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, he said arounding the construction of the Socialist System of the rule of law with Chinese Characteristics, strengthen the human rights protection, promote the legalization of human rights and push the development of human rights.Luo Haocai said, the human rights protection is closely related to the construction of the rule of law, the rule of law must adhere to the people's principal position, "the core of the rule of law should always be to protect human rights".The seminar is sponsored by China Society for Human Rights Studies. Li Junru, Chen Shiqiu and nearly 50 experts and scholars had a discussion on "The rule of law and the protection of human rights", "judicial guarantee for human rights", "The comparison of human rights and the rule of law and reference", "the development of human rights and national governance", "Chinese characteristics of human rights theory and the construction of discourse system ".


Explanation on major issues of applicable law of criminal cases on dealing with harming medicine security jointly formulated by the Supreme people's court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate was released. The explanation improved the sentencing and criminal criteria of producing and selling fake medicine.


Primer Li Keqiang presided over the meeting of the State Council Standing Committee and decided to take further and effective measures to reduce the high cost of financing, deployed to promote the development of children in poor areas to make them enjoy better futures, discussed and adopted the amendment(draft) to promote scientific results transformation law of PRC.


The Supreme People's Procuratorate released the new amendment to regulations on reviewing criminal appeal cases which strengthened the protection and specifications of appeal rights in mutiple aspects.[page]


A 6.3-magnitude quake hit the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China's Sichuan Provinceat 4:55 p.m..The hypocenter was around 18 kilomters deep. General secretary of CPC central committee, Chinese president also president of the Military Commission of CPC central committee Xi Jinping, who was visiting Fiji made important remarks after the quake that the provincial and civil affairs authorities must be swift in organizing rescue and relief work and do their best to minimize casualties. He also ordered the military and armed police to support and help with the quake relief. Xi asked local authorities to strengthen post-quake monitoring and prevent secondary disasters, well settle the people affected and guaranteed a warm winter for them.


Member of Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made an inspection tour of the Ministry of Water Resources in Beijing and held a symposium. He first visited Department of Rural Water Resources and got to know the detail of project on rural water drinking safety. Hearing that the mission of rural water drinking has been completed, Li urged everyone to know the importance and difficulty of this mission and work harder to satisfy people. He stressed that governments at all levels shall take responsibilities for all porjects on civil affairs, implement vigorously to make achievements for people’s promises.


The State Council approved and released overall reconstrcution plan for Ludian earthquake area (Overall plan for short in the following).Based on the fundamental rules of CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Ludian’s reconstruction after quake which includes human-centered, respecting nature, overall consideration, rooting at present, targeting at future and also according to quake prevention and disaster relief law of PRC, as well as through earthquake evaluation, geological disasters screening, danger evaluation, houses and buildings damage verification and evaluation, resources and environment capacity evaluation, largely listening to oppions from people and cadres in quake-area,experts and other people, the overall plan was composed[page]


Having attracted high-profile attention, aganist family violence work made significant breakthrough, which marked by aganist family violence law of PRC(draft)was open for public opinion. Based on the existed aganist family violence laws, regulations and decisions of more than 20 provinces, districts and cities around the nation, the NPC Standing Committee listed aganist family law into this year’s legistration plan.


Vice Foreign Minister met with? plenipotentiary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs on human rights, democracy and legistration Dolgov of Russian. Both sides exchanged views on Sino-Russia relations, human rights communication and cooperation between two countries.After the meeting, special representative of Minstry of Foerign Affairs Liu Hua and Dolgov exchanged views on human rights issues.


Member of Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Beijing's YouAn Hospital, first one to take HIV/AIDS patients, inspected AIDS prevention and treatment work, and expressed sympathy to medical workers on the first line and grassroot workers and volunteers on AIDs prevention on behalf of CPC central committee and the State Council.


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