Seeing the Real China in the Economic Perspective
  • Author:Zheng Xinli
  • ISBN:9787119086712
  • Press:Foreign languages press
  • Page:217
  • Publication date:2014
  • Price:98.00


With its rapid economic development, China has become the world's second largest country in terms of economic aggregate. However, China, with a sprawling population of 1.35 billion and a land mass of 9.6 million square kilometers, is experiencing economic development that is far from balanced.

To comprehensively and accurately understand it is a daunting task, especially from non-Chinese perspectives. This book, through extensive introduction, provides international comparisons and in-depth analysis to help readers both abroad and at home to comprehensively and accurately understand Chinese economy.
Brief Introdution of the Author

Economic Aggregate and Level of Development

The Reality and Prospects of Chinas Economic Development

Bustling Cities vs. Underdeveloped Countryside
The Epitome and Prospects of Chinas Urban-Rural Dual Economic Structure

Coastal and Inland Areas
Regional Development Imbalances and New Opportunities for Development

Industrial Level and Industrial Structure
How Far China Is from the International Advanced Level

From a Country with Large Population to a Country with Quality Human Capital
New Demographic Dividend for Chinas Economic Development

Vast Territory with Abundant Resources and Severe Resource Crisis
Unbearable Weight behind Economic Prosperity

Luxury Goods and Mass Consumption
How Strong Is the Chinese Spending Power?

Comfortable Housing and Investment
Any Bubbles in Chinas Real Estate?

From "Wide Coverage" to "Full Coverage"
Chinas Social Security System Enabling All Citizens to Share the Fruits of Development

Economic Development and Environmental Protection
Green Industry Has Become a New Economic Growth Point

"Made in China" vs. "Created in China"
How to Look at Chinas Exports?

"Welcoming In"and "Going Out"
Further Integration into Economic Globalization

RMB's Appreciation and Internationalization
The Requirements of the International Market and Domestic Economic Development

Global Governance and China's Responsibility
A Big Responsible Country


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