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The Seventh Beijing Forum on Human Rights opens, focuses on the Chinese dream and human rights development
September 19,2014

Sept.18,2014--Co-held by China Society for Human Rights Studies and China Foundation for Human Rights Development, the Seventh Beijing Forum on Human Rights opens in Beijing on September 17. The theme of the forum is the Chinese Dream: New Progress in China’s Human Rights.more than one hundred participants, including senior advisers from UN, experts and scholars and representatives of ambassadors in China attended the forum.

Luo Haocai, president of China Society for Human Rights mentioned in his delivery speech “the Chinese dream rooted at people and its final goal was people. It included the social goal and prospect of human rights theories, pursuit and values. To better realize the Chinese dream, China would be committed to deepen the revolution, innovate systems and mechanisms, promote the modernization of human rights protection system, meet the increasing needs of people, facilitate the transformation and promotion of people’s livelihood protection, actively participate, deepen the research of human rights theories, enlarge the length and depth of cross-cultural and cross-national exchanges of human rights.”

Huang Mengfu, chairman of China Foundation for Human Rights Development stated in his speech “Complicated and profound changes were happening to the world with the decline of economic recovery, falls and rises of regional hurdles and heated problems, the interweaving of traditional and non-traditional safety problems. To cope with the new challenges, promote the healthy development of international human rights affairs, international society needed to support the world peace, resist to handle disputes with violence, build the foundation of human rights development and was committed to realize the common development, lay a foundation for different human tights and resist the enemy of all human being--terrorism together”.

Cai Mingzhao, Minister of the State Council Information Office  of China mentioned in his speech “After 18th CPC National Congress,General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the Chinese dream on realizing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nations. The Chinese dream was meant to realize the national prosperity and rejuvenation and people’s happiness, develop individuals and contribute to society, enjoy the excellency of lives and the realization of dreams, participate and develop equally. Themed at the goal of “Two one -hundred-year”, China made lots of new measures concerned human rights to further realize the economic and social rights, citizen’s rights and political rights, which marked the important step of legitimate protection of human rights, the increasingly improvement of human rights consciousness and new progress of international exchanges and cooperation of human rights”.

He also stated “ Over years of exploration and working, China found out a development road of human rights consistent with national conditions. We learned a few lessons from the successful exercised of China’s human rights: first, connect the unversality of human rights with national conditions; second, realize the coherence of important and overall development of human rights; third, insist the unity of peace rights and development rights; fourth, cope with the  realtions between moment development and long-term development; fifth, persist the international talks and cooperation in human rights.

In the opening ceremony and plenary presentation, Ibrahim Salama, director of Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Akmal Saidov, director of National Human Rights Center of Uzbekistan, Tom Zwart, director of the Netherlands School of Human Rights Research delivered their speeches.

Since 2008, the Beijing Forum on Human Rights has been held for 6 times. Every time, it attracted government officials, experts and scholars from nearly one hundred countries to attend and discussed frankly and deeply on important issues of international human rights. This year’s forum will last two days, and close on September 18.

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