The twelfth China-German Dialogue on Human Rights Held in Beijing
September 01,2014   By:chinahumanrights.org

Cui Yuying introduced the latest development of  Human Rights in China. She pointed out that "Chinese dream" and China's human rights comed from the same origin, which content was rich, vivid and concrete, represented the highest respect for hundreds of millions with good intentions and rights, painted a beautiful blueprint for the development in China's human rights. She emphasized that adhering to the principle of human rights should be taken into account in the national and regional characteristics and local history, cultural and religious background. On the premise of the admitting the universal principles of human rights, all countries should independently choose their path of the development in human rights, which suits to their national conditions, and this is the true respect for the people's rights.

The head of Germany delegation, the Spokesman of SPD , the former Minister of Federal Judiciary Gmelin Pointed out in his opening address, the reason which we were so concerned about the human rights, was that human rights determined the future. Our motivation comes from the suffering of the past. Both of our countries put the protection of human rights in the constitution, which will build a peaceful international order. She hopes to establish the long-term, stable, effective China-German Dialogue on human rights mechanism to discuss the issues of human rights, which were common concerned in the international community.

The meeting also held a speech of "learn from the History of World War II, against the war, protect human rights". Delegates deeply analyzed the lessons of the war trampled on human rights, stated against the war, and keeping peace, called on the international community to learn from history, to cherish peace, and to protect human rights.

Sino-German Dialogue on Human Rights was jointly sponsored by the China foundation for human rights development, Chinese Association for International Understanding and the Germany Albert foundation, It is the Prime Minister of both countries signed the one of the item of "legal exchanges and cooperating agreement" , which has been successfully held twelfth sessions since 1999. The dialogue has made a good response in the international community.

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