Equality and mutual respect needed in human rights dialogue
September 01,2014   By:peopledaily.com.cn

Frankly, no country will accept the imposition of a philosophy that changes its fundamental political system. Diversity is a basic feature of human civilization, and brings color and vibrancy to the world.

Since China initiated its policies of reform and opening up to the outside world in 1979, the government and the people of China have made painstaking efforts to promote and protect human rights. Their achievements are self-evident: people live a better life, and are able to act and speak freely within the rule of law.

However, there are many challenges yet to be faced in further improving standards of living and in the application of human rights - China has an enormous population, and the country is subject to significant regional disparities and uneven development.

We have a clear understanding of our own problems, and we will continue to spare ourselves no effort in promoting greater progress in the cause of human rights.

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