Participants at human rights forum pay tribute to China's human rights situation
July 24,2014   By:Xinhuanet
Luo Haocai, president of the China Society for Human Rights Studies, takes part in the 3rd Beijing Forum on Human Rights in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 20, 2010. The forum closed on Wednesday. Nearly 100 human rights officials and experts from 28 countries, world organizations including the United Nations and China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan took part in the two-day forum. (Xinhua/Wang Yongji)

BEIJING, Oct. 21, 2010 -- Participants at a human rights forum in Beijing have paid tribute to China's treatment of human rights issues.

"We have a different culture. The Chinese have a different culture. We would appreciate the situation where human rights are dealt with within their own cultural contexts," Elisabeth Perioli Bjornstol, a Norwegian participant on a panel discussion at the forum, said Wednesday.

The panel discussion was a part of the two-day Beijing Forum on Human Rights that started Tuesday. The forum attracted about 80 officials, scholars and experts from more than 25 countries, regions and international organizations.

China's human rights situation was one of the focal points at the forum.

"It is highly important to reflect and discuss the key issues of human rights worldwide. People now can come and see how China develops. Ignorance and lack of information were the root causes for many conflicts," Elisabeth Perioli Bjornstol added.

Jiang Guoqing, a professor from China Foreign Affairs University, said on the same panel discussion that since reform and opening up was initiated in 1978, China has made great progress in both human rights and modernization.

He Ying, vice president of Heilongjiang University, said, "The West often criticizes China for not progressing fast. It also criticizes China for its recognition of individuals' rights. But I think the West needs to recognize China as a developing country that is moving in the right direction in many fields."

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