Chinese jurist Wang Xigen participates in the criteria making of right to development in the United Nations
August 26,2014   By:chinahumanrights.org
Wang Xigen, vice-dean of the Law School, Wuhan University, Chang jiang scholar and special professor

June 8,2014--At the invitation of the United Nations Office at Geneva,  Wuhan University (WHU) professor Wang Xigen participated in the draft of international standards of the right to development.

As early as 1986, in order to protect the interests of the developing countries and optimize the structure of global governance, the United Nations has formally adopted the "Declaration on the right to Development". However, over these years, there are still various differences on how to define the legal responsibilities and obligations in the process of the implementation of the right to development between the developing countries and the developed countries. The special meeting held by the UN is aimed at forming the international standards of the right to development. Each member state of the United Nations, intergovernmental organizations, the staff of the United Nations of institute of Development issues and the delegates of international organizations attended the meeting.

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