Implementing a More Positive Employment Policy and Promoting the Development of the Chinese Human Rights Cause
September 11,2014   By:CSHRS

Mo Rong

Human rights refer to the basic rights to which every person is entitled based on his or her nature and dignity under certain social and historical circumstances. Simply put, the term means that everyone has the right to live and develop in a free and equal manner.

Article 42 of the Chinese Constitution stipulates that Chinese citizens have both the right and obligation to work. The right to employment is a basic right for our citizens. The National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015) points out that efforts will be made to implement a more active employment policy, improve the wage system, fully carry out the labor contract system, improve working conditions, strengthen labor safety and protect the people’s right to work.

Employment is a worldwide problem. At present, the world economic recovery is arduous and tortuous, the employment situation is more complicated, and the youth and long-term unemployment problem is striking. In China, a developing country with the world’s largest population, the employment issue is more difficult and complicated than in any other country in the world. China,which has a population of over 1.3 billion, including 1 billion working-age people, is constantly under severe employment pressure. The basic pattern has not been changed that the supply of labor is more than the demand, and the total number is still large and increasing. Employment pressure falls on three major groups:

First of all, the task of finding employment for surplus agricultural workers is pretty heavy. According to statistics, 37 percent of the labor force in China is still in the agricultural sector. Based on the experience of countries like Japan and South Korea, the requirement for employment transfer from the agricultural sector is more desperate and the speed of transfer is usually the fastest when we are in a development stage where the proportion of agricultural workers falls to 30-40 percent of the total. According to calculations, there are still about 100 million surplus agricultural workers, which creates great pressure for employment transfer out of the agricultural sector. We must accomplish the transfer of 8 million agricultural workers each year in accordance with the goal set by the Employment Promotion Plan (2011-2015).

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