Enforcement of Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Disclosure of Government Information and Continual Development of a Group of Basic Human Rights1
September 12,2014   By:CSHRS

Zhao Zhengqun


2013 saw the sixth anniversary of the formulation of Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Disclosure of Government Information (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) and thefifth anniversary of theirbeing put into effect. As the Regulations were stipulated and put into force, people from all walks of life have increasingly recognized that the Regulationsare important regulations that promote the overall development of China’s economy, politics, society, culture and ecological environment as well as construction of its fundamental system. They advance the continual development of a group of basic human rights, which are represented by our right to know and also include the rights to participate, express, supervise, and so forth. The Regulations have already become the most effective regulation in contemporary China, and also one of the highlights in the thorough implementation of the constitutional principle that “the state respects and protects human rights.” They are one of the valuable political legacies passed down by the former leaders of the CPC Central Committee and State Council as part of China’s great undertakings of reform and opening-up and human rights protection. Of course, the Regulationsare far from enough so they should be promoted to become the basic law of the PRC. This essay originally focused on the topic of a long article with the same title. However, as is required by the forum, here I’d like to conduct basic research on the Regulations’ enforcement from two perspectives, namely, the government’s obligation to release its annual report on information disclosure and the public’s legal right to require the government to disclose information, thus to prove that a group of important human rights is continually growing during the interaction of these two sectors.

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