On the Mutual Promotion of Human Rights Development and the New Urbanization
September 12,2014   By:CSHRS

Zhou Yezhong

As pointed out in the Central Economic Work Conference of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) held on December 16, 2012, urbanization is a historical task in China’s modernization drive, and is where the greatest potential lies to expand domestic demand. We should actively pursue healthy development of urbanization by focusing on improving its quality, making the best use of the circumstances, as well as seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. Perhaps because the notion of new urbanization originated from the economic work conference, economists have conducted broad discussionsabout this issue, while law and political science scholars have paid little attention and have had few discussions about the relationship between new urbanization and human rights development. In fact, new urbanization is not only an important policy for resolving current economic difficulties, but a key strategic measure of the Party for improving the level of human rights development. Only by developing new modernization well, can we truly improve our human rights protection. Highlightingthe function of protecting human rights and developing human rights values in the construction of small towns should be key to the effective development and everlasting vigor of new urbanization.

I. Improving the level of human rights development through new urbanization

After reform and opening-up, Chinese society began its journey of urbanization. During this process, the development of eastern cities and big cities has driven China’s economic boom, improved the people’s living standards, and promoted the continual improvement of our human rights condition. However, as Chinese society continues to develop, the negative effects of traditional urbanization are becoming more and more obvious, which constitutes a great barrier to the further development of human rights.

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