Fudan University Human Rights Research Center
October 11,2014   By:CSHRS

I. Overview of the Fudan University Human Rights Research Center

1. Positioning

The Fudan University Human Rights Research Center is an interdisciplinary academic platform, based in China and looking outward to the world. The center integrates the academic resources of Fudan University, a comprehensive higher-learning institution, to organize multifaceted research on human rights issues. The center serves as an engine and a booster for human rights research and education at Fudan University.

2. Genesis

The center was established in tandem withChina’s economic and social development and the rising awareness of human rights in Chinese society. The center was set up to satisfy the general demand for human rights research in the country and the academic demands of Fudan University scholars for research on various issues in the human rights field and research on human rights-related issues in the socioeconomic and international relations fields. Based on previous research on human rights at Fudan University, the center integrates the academic strength of the university and is building a China-based, world-oriented platform for human rights research and education.

(1) In the 1980s, legal experts and political scientists at Fudan University, seeking to provide the country with policy advice amidst the international human rights struggle, began to study international human rights conventions, published books such as International Human Rights Theory and New Theory on Human Rights, and provided effective consultation.

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