Continuously Performing the Consultation and Social Service Roles of Human Rights Bases
December 04,2014   By:CSHRS

By Han Dayuan

The Ministry of Education and the State Council Information Office have named Renmin University of China as one of the human rights national education and training bases. This shows the full affirmation and trust in the university’s education, research and training work and also represents encouragement for its future work.

Establishing national human rights education and training bases at institutions of higher learning is an important measure for implementing the National Human Rights Action Plan and pushing forward the construction of the rule of law. The approval of the university as one of the bases will be conducive to promoting human rights education and academic construction, building an exchange platform for human rights education and research, sharing research results in the field, constructing a shared social conscience that values human rights, and safeguarding the mainstream values of the society. We are going to live up to expectations of the Ministry of Education, the State Council Information Office and the China Society for Human Rights Studies, creating good conditions for developing the base, making more efforts in academic construction, research team building, student training and social training, building the base at the university into a talent base and a research platform, continuously performing the base’s policy consultation and social service roles, and contributing more to the development of human rights education in China.


The Human Rights Education and Training Center at Renmin University of China, in accordance with the targets set forth in the National Human Rights Action Plan, plans to focus on the following four areas.

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