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The Shanghai-based Fudan University has launched a human rights studies center. This came at a ceremony on April 21, 2002, which also launched the Seminar on Women's Rights and Interests. More than 40 human rights experts, including some from China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and some Nordic countries, attended the ceremony to launch the Fudan University Center for Human Rights Studies.

Professor Qin Shaode, who heads the university's Chinese Communist Party committee, doubles as chairman of the center's academic guidance committee. Speaking at the ceremony, he called attention to the importance attached by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, China's highest governing body, to human rights studies. China has ratified and is going to accede to more human rights-related international conventions and protocols, he noted, adding that these are invariably linked to numerous disciplines of philosophy and social sciences, as well as to system engineering, environmental and medical sciences. "This state of affairs necessitates launching of multi- or cross-discipline projects to promote human rights studies," he said.

As one of China's leading research universities, he continued, Fudan is in a perfect position to engage in such mulct- or cross-discipline studies. It is among the first batch of Chinese universities to undertake human rights studies and, far back in the 1980s,scholars at the university were already studying human rights-related international conventions and protocols. The university now boasts a number of experts reputed at home and abroad for their achievements in human rights 'studies. Professor Qin pressed hope that the newly launched center will gather round it an ever-expanding contingent of human rights experts.

While a guest of honor at the ceremony, Professor Dong Yunhu, CSHRS vice-president and editor-in-chief of the Human Rights magazine, was made vice-chairman of the center's academic guidance committee. The center is to launch a range of research projects. To mention just a few: "Marxist human rights theories developing in step with the progress of the times," "politics and diplomacy vis-a-vis human rights," "human rights-related international laws," "economic and social development vis-a-vis human rights," "cultural ethics and human rights," and "education and human rights." The center plans to publish Fudan Annual for Human Rights Studies. If all goes well, it will host an international symposium in human rights vis-a-vis sustainable development in the first half of 2003.

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