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Social Policy Research Centre
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Social Policy Research Centre (hereafter the Centre) is under the Social Policy Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Established in April 1999, it aims to provide first-class research and consultancy service in social policies in China by leveraging the research capabilities and resources of the Institute, and by participation and support from Chinese and international specialists with relevant expertise and background.

The core team at the Centre are mostly from the Social Policy Research Institute of CASS. There are currently 12 members, including one Researcher, 3 Associate Researchers, and 3 PhD holders/candidates. With theme-based research, the Centre forms part of a network of experts in China and abroad. The Centre initiates/organizes regular seminars, workshops, and international conferences. Results and findings are published in our internal journal On Social Policies, in Reports on the Reform of Social Security in China - a publication of work in progress, and in paperbacks entitled Series in Social Policy Research. There is also this website through which the Centre provides information on its activities and research.

We research into theory as well as practice. Subject areas covered include:

Theories of social policies: introducing theories from abroad, establishing a framework for social policy theories in China

Social policy process: generating ideas in social policies, policy making and implementation, assessment/evaluation of outcome of policies, legislation, citizen's participation in policy making

Welfare and social security: putting forward a theoretical framework of "integrated social security system"; research into policies on retirement, unemployment, medical care, housing, and social relief; comparing Chinese welfare and social security with those in other countries.

Development of non-profit sector in China: study the policy space for the development, the current situation of the development, assessing the development, evaluating current policies, forecasting problems and development trends, study political and social factors that impact the development.

Urban and rural communities: current situation of urban and rural communities, community development and service, evaluating related social policies, community-based social security and mechanisms and systems of social welfare

Other related issues: promoting studies into employment, how to deal with unemployment, urban and rural poverty, sustainable development, etc

We have extensive links at home and abroad. In China, these include the Ministry of Labour, the Civil Administration, the Ministry of Health, the Reform Office of the State's Council of the Central Government, the local government in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Dalian and Yiwu. From abroad, there the Department for International Development (DFID) of UK, the Ford Foundation, the Asia Foundation, and Oxfam (Hong Kong). There have been significant number of joint research efforts.

We are keen to speak to organizations and individuals that are interested in our center and would like to work with us. Here are our contact details:

The Social Policy Research Centre
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
No 5, Jiang Guo Men Nei Street
China, 100732
Tel: +86-10-8519 5563
Fax: +86-10-6513 3870
contact: Shifei Zhang

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