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General Situation of Women and Gender Research Center of Sen Yat-Sun University
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Women and Gender Research Center of Sen Yat-Sun University was founded in early 2000, and was ratified on 5 March 2001. It is a university research institution.

1. Members of the Center
At present, the Center consists of 32members. Among them are 7 professors (including 2 doctorate supervisors), 16 associate professors (including 1 physician-in- change and 1senior lawyer), and 9 lecturers.

2. The Research Areas
(1) Gender (mainly women) and marriage, family, society and law. The Center focuses on the research on and its application to protecting women’s rights.
(2) Female population and their education (including psychological education and research)
(3) Women and culture and history

3. The History of the Center
Sen Yat-Sun University has a long history in research on women and in training women cadres. Early in 1926, during the period of cooperation between the Communist Party and Kuomintong, Institute of Personnel Training for Women’s Movement was set up in West School of Sen Yat-Sun University. It was the first women carders training school in China. Deng Yingchao was in charge of the school and Cheng Tiejun managed the school’s daily works.
Now, the center has gathered a galaxy of talents who are scholars and specialists from different fields of study across and outside campus. All are enthusiastic about conducting researching on women’s problems. As a result of research, works have been produced, and the center has also acquired certain teaching and working methods on women and gender research.

4. The Objectives of the Center
The Center aims at studying problems that women are encountering and the development of women, and improving social equality in spheres of gender and economics. The center insists on a scientific, practical and realistic manner to deepen the theoretical research on women and gender, and promote the building of a program of women’s studies and law. Thus, the center helps build a society of equality, justice, peace, and sustainable development.

5. The Structure of the Center
Organization Women and Gender Research Center, Sen Yat-Sun University
Subordinate organizations:
(1) Clinic of Women’s Psychological Consultation and Law Service, Sen Yat-Sun University
(under construction)
The clinic tries to help disadvantaged women group through interdisciplinary and plural consultation and service. The groups to be helped are as follow: ① women workers, ②laid-off women workers, ③single-parent family and the children, ④poverty-stricken divorced women, ⑤women who suffer from family violence.

Methods: consultation, interview, hotline, free service, voluntary program, etc.

Persons in charge: Jin Huaibin, Liu Linping, Lu Ying, Lie Lizhe, Xia Jimei,
Zhen Yunzhen, Shu Yongzhen

(2) Marriage and Family Case Research Branch (under construction)
Director: Lu Ying

(3) Funds Management
Women and gender research foundation of Sen Yat-Sun University accepts funds and subsidization from enterprises and individuals at home or abroad, and also participates in co-operative programs with research organizations and enterprises at home and abroad.

6. The Courses offered by the members of the center

(1) Courses having been offered: The Trends of Thought in Feminist Literature; The Feminist Literary Criticism ( by Prof. Ai Xiaoming for graduate students and doctor candidates 2000-2001), Law Cases of Marriage, Family, and Inheritage; Gender and Law (by Associate Prof. Lu Ying), Women and History (by Associate Prof. Fan Ruolan)
(2) Courses to be offered in 2003:
An Introduction to Gender (The course will be a collaborative one, given by 12 teachers, including Lu Ying, Xia Jimei, Fan Ruonan, and so on)

7. Projects and Activities undertaken:

A. Projects:
(1) Project being carried out by the center and GuangDong Radio Station: The rights of women workers in delta of Pearl River. The project is subsidized by Cultural and Education Section, British Consulate (Women Heartfelt Hotline began to be broadcast in July, 2002).
(2) Project collaborated between the center and Women’s Federation Rights Department of Guangdong Province, Network of Policy and Intervention against Family Violence in Guangdong, The center has become a member of the China Law Association in Policy Research on Family Violence Against Women and Intervention Project .
(3) Two subprojects of Labor Force Market Policy Research on Women Employers and Gender Equality of National Women Federation and Chinese Women Research Association.
(4) Project funded by European Human Rights Small-Scale Co-operation Office, beginning in Jan., 2003.

B. Actives:
(1) lecture on Women Teaching and Research Method Dec.17, 2000
(2) Seminar on Women Going home March 15, 2001
(3) The Images of Women in Advertisements Multimedia display by the center and
Chinese Department of Sen Yat-Sun University, June 20, 2001
(4) Lecture on New Marriage Law June 2, 2001
(5) Seminar on Women’s Work and Theoretical Research with Women Labor Section attached to Labor Union of Sen Yat-Sun University, Sept. 2001
(6 ) Media and Women Seminar, with Chinese Department of Sen Yat-Sun University.
(7) International Conference on Women and Gender Curriculum Development and Pedagogy, with Women Research Center at South China Normal University, 18-24, Dec, 2001

In addition, many members of the center have attended international seminars or conferences on interdisciplinary teaching, women’s problems, against family violence, etc. The members of the center also undertook two Guangdong Women’s Federation projects: ① sampling survey of outsider women workers;②investigation and research on women’s legal status.

8. Address
Mail Address: Law School, Sen Yat-Sun University postcode: 510275
Telephone/fax: 84039523 (contemparory)
E-mail: (the center)
Linkman: Tang Leqi (Tel:84111789)
Lu Ying

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