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Research Center for Human Rights , Peking Law school
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Founded on April 25th 1997, the Research Center for Human Rights of Peking University is a learned society constituted by young law professors and scholars.


Director: Professor Gong Renren

Members: Gong Renren, Bai Guimei, Li Hongyun, Chen Ruihua, Shengui, Weizhi, Xiayong, Cai Dingjian.


Promoting human rights studies;

Enhancing academic exchanges between domestic and overseas scholars;

Backing teaching, research and education of human rights law;

Fostering people's human rights awareness;

Establishing an information center of human rights studies oriented towards the public.

Center Tasks

Carry out world-level human rights study.

Provide China's lawmaking, judicature & administration organizations with consultation service on the implementation and practice of international human rights documents.

Launch both domestic and international academic forum on human rights theory & realistic problems.

Collect key works on human rights problems, periodical publications of the United Nation's & other international organizations, as well as other human rights information.

Build qualified conditions for master and doctor education.

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