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Research Center for Human Rights, Shandong University
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The center was established in June 1990. In the beginning, it's the Human Rights Study Room affiliated with the Law Research Institution of Shandong University. In 1994, as the Law Department, the Law Research Institution and the Law Office were merged into the Law School, the study room turned to be a university-level research center. There are 3 full-time research fellows and 20-plus part-time ones.

The center has won great prestige as 5 academic works and over 100 academic articles have been published. Some articles have already been translated into English, German, French, and Japanese versions. The center also set up master station on basic human rights theory. The station started enrolling students in 1995 and fostered a host of qualified personnel majoring in human rights research. The students' theses involve human rights principles, human rights history, human rights system, human rights practice and international human rights, etc.

Ever since the foundation of the center, it has successively held seminars of "on the Human Rights Subject", "Human Rights & Sovereignty", "Human Rights Validity", "Democratic Politics & Nomocracy Country ", "China's Human Rights History", "Human Rights Judicatory Guarantee", etc., among which, the last four focus on the items of "project 211" and state science & social projects.

Since its foundation in 1990, the center has not only carried out education and research activities, but also highlighted human right practice by organizing students and lawyers of the Law School to attend law assistance. In addition, the center also undertakes the instruction work of the Assistance Center of Specific Population, an organization set up by the students.

Professor Xu Xianming, doubles the director of the center. Professor Xu is also the vice president of Shandong University, and dean of the Law School.

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