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Center for Human Rights Studies, People's University of China
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Founded on Oct 8th 1991, the center constitutes 20-plus professors and associate professors who are all part-time researchers and engaged in law, social studies, philosophy and politics education & study. The center's director is Prof Zheng Hangsheng; Prof Gu Chunde is the vice director. Over the past 8 years, the center has been actively publicizing China's human rights status & position, doing human rights studies, education and exchanges.

The center has organized 3 university human rights seminars that play important roles in promoting China's university human rights theory studies. The center also undertakes human rights projects from the state, the Publicity Department, CCCPC, and Beijing Publicity Department. The center always systematically and thoroughly studies the human rights theory and enjoys priority in the academia.

The center publicizes human rights knowledge by offering human rights courses to graduates. In addition, the center also received scholars from US, Australia, Sudan, Japan, and Poland, etc. and held discussions with them on human rights problems. Therefore, China's human rights stands and practices are well spread to the world.

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