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Over 70 pct of Chilean children suffer from domestic violence: UNICEF
August 12,2014   By:Xinhua

SANTIAGO, Aug. 12,2014-- Up to 71 percent of children in Chile are victims of domestic violence, according to a report from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) released on Sunday.

The report said that 51.5 percent of the surveyed children suffer from physical violence, among which 25.9 percent described the abuse as serious.

Meanwhile, 19.5 percent of the children said they had suffered psychological abuse.

Chilean Senator Guido Girardi expressed his concern about the gloomy situation and called for public actions to tackle the problem.

"If we do not take action, it is a vicious circle. Because these kids will be abusive parents, who will reproduce violence," said Girardi.

"Chile needs to have a policy and a campaign to promote good treatment of children. This means a public policy including education, awareness, social intervention. This is not a problem of children's private life but a public problem with dramatic social consequences," added Girardi.

According to Girardi, child abuse is "an invisible problem" that needs to be dealt with because it affects mental health and relations, infant growth and children's school performance, as UNICEF has noted.

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