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Spanish Maritime Rescue services save 213 immigrants
August 12,2014   By:

MADRID, Aug. 12,2014-- Spanish Maritime Rescue service on Monday morning rescued a total of 213 would-be illegal immigrants who were attempting to cross the Straits of Gibraltar, which separate North Africa from Spain in 22 inflatable dinghies.

The rescue ships, Salvamar Atria and Salvamar Gadir and a Civil Guard patrol boat intercepted 14 dinghies carrying a total of 129 immigrants, while the Salvamar Alkaid and Salvmar Dubhe rescued a further 84 immigrants from 8 dinghies.

This follows on from the rescue of two more dinghies, which were carrying 27 immigrants, on Sunday. These boats were discovered five nautical miles from the coast of Cadiz in the south-west of Spain and two of the 27 passengers were women, one of whom is pregnant.

All of the immigrants who were rescued on Monday are being taken to the port of Tarifa, where they will be treated by members of the Red Cross.

Meanwhile the Maritime Rescue vessels are remaining in the zone as the presence of further dinghies carrying more immigrants has not yet been ruled out.

This is just the latest in a series of missions carried out by Spain's Maritime Rescue Services, which last Tuesday saved a further 42 immigrants in a rubber dinghy close to the Island of Alboran, which is a Spanish territory in midway between the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the north coast of Morocco, and the Spanish port of Almeria.

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