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Peru condemns violence in Iraq
August 15,2014   By:Xinhua

LIMA, Aug. 15,2014-- Peru Thursday "strongly condemned" the latest outbreak of violence in Iraq, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"The government of Peru strongly condemns the acts of violence that are taking place in Iraq against religious and ethnic minorities (and) that have led to a serious humanitarian crisis and the mass displacement of thousands of Iraqi citizens," the ministry said.

Peru called for all sides in the conflict "to fully respect human rights, international humanitarian law, and to preserve the territorial unity and integrity of the country."

The ministry expressed its "support for the recently elected authorities of the government of Iraq, as well as for the Iraqi people," adding that it "hopes Iraq soon finds a peaceful, viable and democratic resolution to the serious crisis."

Competing political and religious groups in an unstable post-U. S. invasion Iraq are struggling to establish dominance, with the most recent incident seeing a Christian minority in the north stranded by the fighting and in danger of running out of food and water. The U.S. responded with air strikes.

Last month, Peru condemned the fighting in Gaza, calling for both Israel and Palestinian authority Hamas to cease hostilities.

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