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EU mulls aid for laid-off workers in 4 member states
December 12,2014   By:Xinhua

BRUSSELS, Dec. 12,2014-- The Committee on Budgets under the European Parliament on Thursday recommended an aid worth 35.5 million euros (44 million U.S. dollars) for laid-off workers in four member states, according to a press release posted on the website of the parliament.

Some 6,000 workers in France, Greece, Italy and Poland will be aided by the European Globalization Adjustment Fund (EGF), if applications would be approved at the European Union level, both by Parliament as a whole and the Council of Ministers, later this month.

Laid-off workers are offered support for business start-ups, training, and measures to facilitate their search for new jobs. Generally, national authorities have already taken action and they will have their spending reimbursed by the European Union after the approval of their applications.

The EGF Fund was set up to provide support for workers who lost their jobs as a result of major structural changes in trade patterns due to globalization or the financial crisis and to help them find new jobs.

Between 2014 and 2020, the annual ceiling of the fund is 150 million euros.

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