Jun. 2007
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June 7
"The Bible Ministry Exhibition of the Protestant Church in China :A Lamp to My Feet , Light to My Path" was held in Cologne, Germany. It exhibited the Bible history in China, especially the publishing and circulation of Bible after Chinese reforms and opening, as well as the Bible ministry of minorities and church lives.

June 9
Tibet Original Ecology Folk Culture and Arts Exhibition was held in Dzonggyab Lukhang Park. A gathering of original ecology folk culutre in such a large scale is the first in Tibet.

June 11
The project of establishing Minnan Cultural Ecology Protrction Trial Area, the main ancestral home of compatriots from Taiwan and the cradle and reserve of Minnan culture and the first national cultural ecology protection area, is formally approved. The area will include Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province.

June 11
The Ministry of Health introduced the progresses of urban community health services and new rural cooperative medical system on a routine press conference this morning. The spokesman Mao Qunan said that community health services had made positive progresses and showed favorable trend under the efforts of relevant authorities of the State Council and local governments at all levels.

June 12
The Ministry of Health released that there were 409 public health emergencies, 13039 patients and 25 deaths reported in 30 provinces (excluding Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao) across the country, according to the public health emergency management information system. There was no public health emergency reported in Tibet.

June 13
The first seminar on “Safeguarding the Legal Rights and Interests of Informers, Building a Harmonious Society” was held in Beijing. It was sponsored by the Impeaching Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China and co-sponsored by the Impeaching and Appealing Center of Beijing People’s Procuratorate and People’s Procuratorate of Haidian District, Beijing.

June 14
Red Cross Society of China officially launched the “Series of Activities in Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Promulgation of the Blood Donation Law” and declared the establishment of “Red Cross Help Fund” as the special fund for the study and living of children orphaned by AIDS.


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