Jan. 2008
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Jan 3
A press conference for 2008 Blue Book of China's Society, also known as the reporting conference on social situation in China, was held by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences while respected professors attended including Prof. Lu Xueyi, a well-known socialist, and Prof. Li Peilin, president of Institute of Sociology (an institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). "With regard to the effect of price hike, per capita disposable income of urban residents still increased by 13% in 2007," said Li Peilin, "that means 2007 is one of the years when the increase of disposable income of urban residents per capita outdoes that of GDP. In terms of farmers, the disposable income per capita surged by around 8% in 2007 when the farmer's income grew the fastest in the past 11 years." The above-mentioned figures indicate the improvement of people's livelihood promotes social stability and happiness of people.

Jan 7
The 2008 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Union opened at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China. Chinese President Hu Jintao made a speech at the opening ceremony while Wang Zhaoguo, chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, presided the ceremony. President Hu said that China had attached great importance to sustainable development and was willing to cooperate with the international community to address the challenges posed by the international issues like climate change, environment pollution and energy shortage. Besides, China is committed to contribute to the global sustainable development.

Hu said Chinese government pay great attention to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers by means of promoting democratic rights, solving problems related to the most practical, direct and concerned interests of workers, improving the situation in employment, income distribution, social security, health care and labor safety, and protecting gender equality, rights and interests of women staffs. Besides, the government also had developed a harmonious labor relation to build a just and fair society and safeguard workers’ status as masters of the society.

Jan 8
The National Bureau of Statistics published the 7th survey about public security in the eyes of Chinese residents. It turned out that the rate of people feeling safe increased gradually in a steady way. When it came to public security, 93.3% of the interviewee believed it as "very safe", "safe", or "OK", which was up by 1.3% than 2006. As the sampling process applied the multi-phased, stratified and proportional method, the interviewees, across the country, were randomly selected among people aged above 16 from 101,029 different families, 4,649 rural village committees (or urban residents' committees), 3,115 townships (or towns and neighborhoods), 1,836 counties (or cities and districts), 31 provinces (or autonomous regions and municipalities).


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