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April 28,2015   By:Chinahumanrights.org

Apr 1
The People's Daily (Overseas Edition) issued on April 1st  an article entitled "Dalai Lama Tells Lies Once More", written by Ye Xiaowen, a special commentator of the news paper and the deputy director of China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture.

It said that recently the Dalai Lama was busy with making irresponsible and groundless speeches.

Apr 1
The Seventh Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council lasted for four weeks comes to an end in Geneva on April 1st, during which 36 resolutions have been approved, including a resolution of researches on the climate change.

This session is an important meeting opened in Palais des Nations in Geneva on March 3rd after the United Nations Human Rights Council completed its establishment of relevant rules and regulations last June. It reviewed all the mechanisms of United Nations Human Rights Council except the Universal Periodic Review mechanism, completed the reappointment or extension of some human rights special mechanisms in such fields as the housing right, food right, the aboriginal people and child trafficking, and elected 18 members for the human rights council consultant commission.

Apr 2
China Society for Human Rights Studies on April 2nd released a statement that the report issued by the Amnesty International on March 31st about China's human rights was unfair, groundless and unacceptable which was totally ignorant of the objective facts and achievements made by China, and unreasonably criticized and distorted the situation of human rights in China.

The statement said that China would insistently fight against any organization's intention to defame or attack China under the pretence of human rights, or to make the advantage of Olympic Games to threat China. As a country under the rule of law, China would never concede to certain organization's groundless criticisms. Instead, China would insist on the reform and development, promote the democracy and the legislation, persist in running the country in accordance with the law, and respect and secure the human rights to boost the full development of human rights cause as well as promote the harmonious development of the society.  Besides, the Chinese people determinedly disagreed to politicize the Olympic Games and showed great confidence in hosting a high level Beijing Olympic Games with distinctive features. No organization or individual could hinder its normal development.


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