Jul. 2008
April 28,2015   By:Chinahumanrights.org

Jul 4
According to "Audit Law of the People's Republic of China", the General Auditing Administration audited and investigated the guarantee, management and use of rural compulsory education investment in 54 counties (cities and banners) of 16 provinces(autonomous regions and cities), dated back from January 2006 to June 2007. The General Auditing Administration made public the investigations today. According to the Administration, the Ministries of Education and Finance, the local people's governments at various levels and the relevant departments paid great attention to this auditing and investigation. The corrections afterwards have already produced results. Behaviors that deviated from the policy have been corrected while the relevant people have received due punishments.

Jul 6
China Foundation for Human Rights Development issued an article on People's Daily: "Earthquake relief shows a new image of China’s human right". The article said, the destructive earthquake happened in Wenchuan, thousands of people died and injured, which shook the whole nation and the world. From the moment when the earthquake happened, the Party and the government led all Chinese to launch a great battle that struggled with the disaster. The unswerving struggle demonstrates the Administrative notion of the Party, that is "the people first" and "the power in and for the people", and shows the fundamental purpose of the Party, that is "to serve the people wholeheartedly and the peoples' interests are the highest". It shows the great spirits of the nation: all the people of one mind, getting united, waging indomitable and heroic struggle. It shows the historical progress in China's human rights in the 30 years of the reform and open-up policy and the understanding and affirmation of international society to the progress of China’s human right, which is filled with effulgence of humanity, human right, civilization and progress.

Jul 6
The 19th seminar of the People's Congress of 30 National Minority Autonomous Prefecture was held in Haibei Prefecture of Qinghai province. 220 people participated in the seminar. They were chairmen, vice-chairmen, secretary-general of the standing committees of the people's congress of the 27 Minority Autonomous Prefecture and the heads of the special committees or the operating organs of the Standing Committee of NPC. The leaders of the people's congress, the Party, the government and the political consultant conference of Haibei Prefecture also attended the seminar..


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