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Aug 1
The Buddhist Association of China held 2008 Beijing Olympic praying ceremony at Ling Guang Temple in Beijing. Presbyter Yi Cheng, the president of the association, presided over the ceremony.

Aug 2
General Office of the State Council delivered the notification that required the provinces, departments of the State Council and all affiliates to further raise their awareness of energy scarcity and keep energy-saving in mind and to encourage all citizens participating in 10-power-saving-action, so as to relax the intense energy demand and protect the environment.

Aug 2
The Vice Presidents of ACWF, Huang Qingyi and Mo Wenxiu, attended the donation ceremony of the Cistern Project in Beijing. Qin Guoying, the Deputy Secretary-General of the China Women's Development Foundation, handed over the water purification unit worth 8.2 million RMB to the Women's Federation of Sichuan Province, and accepted the pennant from the federation.

Aug 3
The Beijing Municipal Government announced in the publication that the government should explain to the press if certain information could not be disclosed. The day before yesterday, the new municipal government bulletin released 5 documents concerning the government information publication policies, requiring the government agencies to set up information platform that accepts public complaint about false information.

Aug 4
Beijing Olympic Game is the one that attracts the most countries and regions ever in the history, including 205 countries and regions sending delegations with 16 thousands participants, said Wang Shilin, deputy director of international liaison department of Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee, in the "Olympic family gathering in Beijing Olympic Game" press conference in the Main Press Center of Beijing Olympic Games this morning.

Aug 4
The superintendent of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Xu Shuqiang, said his hospital would precisely follow the confidentiality policies associated with the Beijing Olympic Game, and the members of the Olympic Family such as the foreign athletes are qualified for the same medical care enjoyed by the Chinese citizens.

Aug 5
State Statistics Bureau released a statement today said that, the price of real estate should not go further up either from macroeconomics and policy points of view or from the demand point of view, "after 10 years of surging prices, the era of easy money in real estate industry is over that the price has come back to be rational."

Aug 5
In accordance with "Opinions on punitive administrative detention for illegal waste dumping" issued by the law working committee of the National People's Congress, the Environmental Department delivered a notification demanding severe punishment for the evil waste dumping. The illegal actions, such as discharging or dumping into the water the dangerous materials which are poisonous, radioactive or corrosive, would be severely punished, for example, given a administrative detention according to the law.


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