Sep. 2008
April 28,2015   By:Chinahumanrights.org

Sep 1
From now on, the Chinese families across the country are able to send their children to school with tuition-free for the nine-year compulsory education. From the new starting point, China is stepping forward to a country with quality human resources. Based on equality among students, the Chinese education is endeavoring to build up a bright future for the country.

Sep 1
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony of Beichuan Middle School in southwest China's quake zone as the new semester started on September 1st. Wen said to the students and teachers in the school, "remembering lessons learnt from the disaster, try your best to study at school now and, with other people in the city, construct a new and more beautiful city of Beichuan in the future."

Sep 1
On September 1st, 2008, China's Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the Adoption Registration Work Norms. With 8 chapters and 54 articles, the provisions also address the procedures for adoption registration and its rescission, requirements for canceling adoption registration, handling of remedial proof of adoption and proof of rescission of an adoptive relationship.

Sep 6
The ceremony of Activity of Health Literacy Promotion in China was launched in Gansu province on September 6th. Li Xinhua, chief of health education division of the department of maternal, children and community health at the Ministry of Health, said Gansu was the first province to launch opening ceremony for Health Literacy Promotion, since Scheme of Health Literacy Promotion in China (2008-2010) was released by the Ministry in this August. In the following two months, six provinces would hold opening ceremonies for the event.

Sep 7
Published by Zhonghua Book Company, Culture of Qiang Ethnic Group - Students' Book was issued on September 7th, in Beijing. The book has 45,000 words and 9 parts: the Ancient History, Immortal Da Yu, Mysterious Turret, Splendid Poems, Attractive Embroidering Art of Qiang Ethnic Group, Melodious Flute of Qiang, Gorgeous Dances, Colorful Folk Customs and Postscript.

Sep 8
In the morning of September 8th, a press conference on the status of development of people with disability was held in the main press center of Beijing Paralympics. Mr. Yu Faming, director of the department of employment promotion of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security; expressed that the Chinese government attached great importance to the employment of the handicapped. In urban areas of China, 4,337,000 disabled people had been employed and 16,966,000 disabled people had been employed in the rural areas.


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