Sep. 2008
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Sep 18
China's State Council, or the cabinet, on September 18th, announced the abolishment of regulations on inspection exemptions for food quality. In a circular, the cabinet said that, for the health of people, it had decided to abolish the regulations relating to quality inspection exemptions for food in a document issued on December 5, 1999.

Sep 18
Premiere Wen Jiabao approved No. 535 Decree of the State Council, issuing implementation regulation for Labor Contract Law on September 18th. Xinhua News Agency was authorized to publish the new regulation, which was comprised of six chapters and thirty-eight articles. The regulation was an effort to clarify confusion surrounding the law.

Sep 20
Premiere Wen Jiabao delivered a speech of Several Important Issues on Further Implementation of Scientific Development Outlook, at a meeting for the senior cadres at the level of provinces and ministries. Wen emphasized the importance to persist in human orientation, the implementation of scientific development should be embodied in the improvement of people's living standard, in the satisfaction of people's material and cultural needs and in the all around development of people. With challenges and opportunities, positive elements from all walks of life should be converted to scientific development. Besides, we should also concern the harmonization between economic development and social progress, the political restructuring and economic restructuring, the compatibility with oversea countries and independent innovation, modern spirit and traditional culture. Finally, the state would make better quality developments within a longer period at a higher level.

Sep 21
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on September 21st visited hospitals, communities and supermarkets in Beijing to see for himself the infants sickened by tainted milk powder and investigate the rescue and medical care for the sick infants as well as the milk market situation.


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