Oct. 2008
April 28,2015   By:Chinahumanrights.org

Oct 5
Chinese President Hu Jintao has written to the Tibet Nationalities Institute (TNI) to celebrate its 50th founding anniversary, which was the first institution of higher learning for ethnic Tibetans set up by the Central Government outside Tibet Autonomous Region. Hu, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, hailed the institute's "important contribution to the economic development and social progress" of Tibet, which has turned a great number of ethnic Tibetans into high-quality cadres and specialists.

Oct 6
The State Council, China's Cabinet, held an executive meeting on the nation's milk powder industry. Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the meeting. The meeting approved draft regulations on quality control for dairy products. The regulations stipulated stricter and detailed rules on animal husbandry, fresh milk collection, dairy production, domestic sales and import and export of dairy products.

Oct 8
At a ceremony in Beijing's Great Hall of the People to honor outstanding organizations and individuals for their contributions to the rescue and relief work, President Hu Jintao urged China to carry on the spirit of unity, courage, "people first" and scientific thinking that characterized the May 12 earthquake relief effort. Hu said the spirit should be promoted among the CPC members and the public. This would help advance the sound and rapid economic and social development.

Oct 9
A two day meeting on labour protection work of national labour unions was convened in Harbin this morning. Exemplary experiences of provinces like Heilongjiang, Sichuan and Liaoning were spread at the meeting.

Oct 9
To provide effective guarantee of legal system for quality and safety of dairy products, China's State Council promulgated Dairy Products Quality and Safety Supervision and Management Regulations on Oct 9, 2008. The Regulations further perfected the management system of quality and safety of dairy products.


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