Nov. 2008
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Nov. 1

Hu Jintao, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、the President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the speech this morning when he met with the newly elected leaders of the All-China Women's Federation and some delegates to the 10th National Women's Congress. He stressed that the Party and government paid special attention to women and had formulated and implemented series of policies and guidelines in order to bring the women's roles into full play and promote the development of the course of women. The women must get a clear understanding of the overall situation and keep it in mind, seize opportunities and work hard, so as to make new achievements worthy of the times.

Nov. 1

As the core achievement of the research carried out by 208 experts, The Concept, Aim and Action Plan of China's Social Security Reform and Development Strategy and other three reports related to old-aged pension, medical security and social assistance were issued, with the aim to theoretically build the future blueprint of the new social security system and offer a reference for decision-makers.


 Li Changchun, member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, delivered important instructions on ideological and moral education for juveniles in the conference held in Hangzhou. He pointed out that we must further enhance our sense of responsibility, of mission and urgency, lay great importance to children's development and their future, work hard to bring up successors qualified for the cause of socialism with the Chinese characteristics and make contribution to create a new situation for the ideological and moral education for juveniles.


China and ASEAN countries jointly released the Nanning Proposal, which mainly focuses on cooperation in promoting social development and reducing poverty. It appeals the developed countries related to assume their responsibilities proactively and increase their assistance to the developing countries, so as to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals. The 2nd China-ASEAN forum on social development and poverty reduction was successfully concluded this afternoon. In this forum, the senior officials of China and 10 AESAN countries came to an agreement on the Nanning Proposal after discussion.


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