Dec. 2009
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Dec. 1, 2009

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao encouraged HIV/AIDS sufferers to live on with hope and confidence during his visit to a Beijing hospital on the World AIDS Day, which falls on Dec. 1.

At the Beijing Home of Red Ribbon in Ditan Hospital, Wen and Vice Premier Li Keqiang visited two AIDS patients and medical volunteers, experts.
Over the past six consecutive years, Premier Wen inspected HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment work every year and even invited orphans whose parents died of AIDS to tour Zhongnanhai, a compound of buildings for the central authorities in the heart of Beijing.

At the Beijing Home of Red Ribbon on Tuesday, Wen put on a red ribbon, the awareness symbol for the fight against AIDS, and shook hands with two HIV carriers, who are also instructors there.

Wen said that attention should be paid to AIDS prevention not only on the World AIDS Day, but also in daily life and work.

Dec. 1, 2009

State Council Information Office held a meeting on the implementation of National Human Rights Action Plan (2009-2010) in Beijing. Wang Chen, director of the State Council Information Office, delivered a key speech at the meeting. Dong Yunhu, deputy director of the State Council Information Office, hosted the meeting.

China had made progress in implementing a two-year action plan on human rights since it was published in April, said Wang Chen。

The action plan is China's first national plan on human rights, and serves as an initial policy on advancing China's human rights cause in a comprehensive way.

The formulation and publicity of the plan was an "event of political significance" and had won domestic acclaim, aroused wide public concern and received favorable comments from the international community, he said.

For most of the targets and tasks, which were stipulated in the action plan and expected to be finished in two years, 50 percent, or even 65 percent for some, have been accomplished so far, he said.


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