Jun. 2012
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Jun. 1, 2012

It is the International Children's Day. Protection of the rights of children includes the subsistence rights of tem, but also the respect to their personal dignity and development rights.
Jun. 4, 2012

Delegation of China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) visited O. Zarubinskyi, Head of the Committee on Human Rights, National Minorities and International Relations on Jun. 1, 2012.
During the meeting, Luo Haocai, head of the delegation and chairman of the China Society for Human Rights Studies, said, China has made great progress in human rights protection since reform and opening-up. In 2004, China enshrined "the state respects and guarantees human rights" into the Constitution.
O. Zarubinskyi said, China's legal construction and human rights protection mode is conducive and he appreciated National Human Rights Action Plan of China.

Jun. 6, 2012

An increase in China's retirement age is believed to be on the cards after a social security official said authorities would be putting forward such a proposal "at an appropriate time."
In an online conversation with web users, a spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security said: "Along with China's economic development and prolonged average life expectancy, postponing retirement is an inevitable trend."

Jun. 7, 2012

Headed by Mr. Luo Haocai, delegation of China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) visited Belarus from Jun. 4 to Jun. 7, 2012. Luo introduced the progress of human rights protection in China and appreciated the support from Belarus to China on the field of international human rights.


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