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Oct. 15, 2013

China's cabinet on Oct. 15, 2013 promised to improve information transparency to better respond to people's concerns.

Information releasing should be active, timely, comprehensively and accurate, according to a circular issued by the State Council.

Transparency in government information is a basic requirement for closer government-people relations and further transformation of governing manners, said the circular, describing transparency as an important measure to enhance the government's credibility and safeguard the people's rights to know, participate in and supervise government.

However, it warned, some local governments have not publicized information in a timely manner, or even keep silent on issues concerning the people, which has caused public misunderstanding and tarnished the government's image.

The State Council urged governments at all levels to adopt various new media channels to release information and interact with the public as well as to improve their news spokesman systems and official websites.

Oct. 16, 2013

China's ministries of finance and civil affairs had jointly allocated 118 million yuan (19 million U.S. dollars) as relief fund to Zhejiang and Fujian, two eastern coastal provinces hit by Typhoon Fitow.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the fund would be mainly used for the urgent resettlement of affected people, reconstruction of damaged houses and support for relatives of those killed in the havoc.

Typhoon Fitow, which made landfall in Fujian, just south of Zhejiang, early on Oct. 7, brought heavy rain to the regions, inundating roads and houses, and causing river breaches and power failures.


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